Monday, February 22, 2010

French Cooking

French Cooking

For many people, French cooking is the pinnacle of all regional cuisines all over the world. When people hear French food, they immediately associate it with ultimate lusciousness with impeccable elegance. But what makes this type of cooking so special? Is it all a hype, or is French cooking really revered by most food connoisseurs everywhere?

French cooking is special because of the way French people value their food so much. Eating is sacred for the French, if you have heard of their 5-hour dinners and thought of it as an exaggeration, you are wrong. French people really value their meals so much that they devote a lot of time for eating, making it an activity that is central to their daily lives. And for many of those who have tried authentic French cooking, the long sittings are really worth it.
Because the French value their cooking so much, they put nothing but the best in their cuisine. Only the best ingredients are allowed to touch the French kitchen whether it be vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, condiments or anything else. The French also believe in the seasonality of food so ingredients are only obtained during their best times and thus they are able give their best flavors.

The best ingredients of course deserve the best treatment. And this is why French cooking seems so elaborate. French cooks and chefs take all the efforts in celebrating the wonders of food. They don’t want quality ingredients fresh from their sources to go to waste and so much care and skill are devoted to the French way of cooking.

The French are also keen to exhibit the great efforts they’ve devoted to their cooking by presenting their food in such lavish displays that by themselves are works of art. Some think that the French presentation of food is unnecessary especially garish. But this isn’t true for the French. For them, eating involves all the senses, not only taste, but sound, smell, touch, and sight.

This is why when you are about to take part in French cooking, you are sure to satisfy not only your stomach or taste buds, but your spirit as well. French cooking comes from the very heart of the French culture. It’s not all buzz, but everything you hear about French food is true. Try it out for yourself, and enjoy the delectable offerings of French cooking.

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